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About Our Parish

Humble Beginnings

Before his journey began, Paul's name wasn't Paul, and his work wasn't the lord's work. He was a devoted worker, but his devotion wasn't Christianity based. He was an "enforcer" for the Roman fight against the early church. It was on one of his many "business trips" where the man who would be Paul first saw the light.

In the pioneering days of Idaho it is somehow fitting that the faithful who would one day be "Saint Paul's" were, at first, an unnamed group of far-flung, faithful served twice a year by an itinerant priest.

Beginning in 1883 the Reverend Francis Hartleib of Saxony “…adopted the schedule of visiting his large mission field twice a year, spring and fall.” “Father Hartleib was the first priest to celebrate Mass at Caldwell and Nampa.”

“The Rev. Francis Hartleib was born in Weimar, Saxony, on March 6, 1854. He was a relative of the famous musician, Franz Liszt… He went to the American College at Louvain with the intention of preparing himself in philosophy and theology for the service of the needy missions of the United States “…[He was] ordained for the Archdiocese of Oregon City, April 13, 1880 at Namur, Belgium, [and] set out for the great American Northwest shortly after…”

An armchair historian of the Old West would surely picture the disbelief that must have visited the faith filled young priest as he fist gazed on the wide, windy, west-sparsely peopled and remote beyond comprehension. Coming from the urban continent of his birth, he can’t have possibly imagined the magnitude of the travel it would take to serve the unpeopled ends of his mission.

Growing Through Change

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Looking to the Future

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