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St Paul's Phase II Q & A


Thank you to those who have pledged to our capital campaign. We appreciate your patience and willingness to give to this very important project for our parish to continue growing in faith together. Many parishioners have asked how and when they are to make payment on their pledge. Below are the most frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers:

When Do I Make My Pledge Payment? You can make your monthly pledge payment at any time during the month. We have designated the first weekend of each month as “First Sunday Second Collection for Building on Faith” where a special second collection will be taken immediately after the regular collection.  You may submit your pledge payment in this second collection OR you can submit your pledge at any time during the month. If you do NOT drop your payment in the collection designated for Building on Faith, please be sure to use a Building Fund envelope and/or make your payment to St. Paul’s Building Fund.

What Envelopes Do I Use?

  • If you already receive regular monthly giving envelopes at your home, there is a light blue pledge envelope with the Building on Faith Growing to Serve logo.  Please use this when submitting your monthly pledge payment.
  • If you are not set up to receive regular giving envelopes, you can use the red or blue Building on Faith Growing to Serve envelopes located in the back of the church and also in the gathering area near the glass display case.  You can drop these envelopes in any offertory or in the safe near the glass display case. If you would like to receive monthly giving envelopes, call the parish office.

Can I Make My Payment Online or Automatically? If you want to set up and manage “online giving”, you will need to go to the parish website and set up your automatic payment.  Your other “online giving” option is to contact Gina or Sheri in the parish office to set up for you.

Will I Receive A Payment Reminder? You will NOT receive a monthly bill or invoice for your pledge but rather a quarterly pledge statement.   This will show you the amount you pledged, what has been paid to date and the unpaid balance.

If you would like to make a pledge, please contact Sheri at the parish office.  If you have not made a pledge and would like to make a one-time gift, you may do so by using the Building on Faith envelopes or simply make your check out to St. Paul’s Building Fund.


Online Giving

Online Giving

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